Ethiopia has the second largest population in Africa with estimated population of 115 million in 2020. Despite the remarkable progress made improving the health and wellbeing of the population the country remains to bear high burden of both communicable and non-communicable diseases and injuries. The three-tier health care delivery system and the rapidly expanded health services are far from optimum and resilient. One of the possible reasons is that the usual intervention was supply side and it is recently that the government shift to the demand side intervention.

What is it?

The Platform on Health Systems and Policies, hosted by the African Health Observatory of the WHO, is a collaborative partnership to support and promote the transfer of evidence and experience between countries to foster better policies and action for improved health and wellbeing. The Platform’s National Centers currently include institutions in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa University-College of Health Sciences), Kenya (KEMRI Wellcome Trust), Nigeria (University of Nigeria-Health Policy Research Group), Rwanda (University of Rwanda-School of Public Health) and Senegal (Institut Pasteur de Dakar).

 Platform’s objective

The objective of the platform is to bridge the evidence-to-policy divide. Synthesizing existing research and facilitating generation of new evidence pertaining to the health system the platform will enhance effective knowledge translation and support improved health policy-making at country, regional and global level. The Platform’s research and engagement activities are country-led and owned, with a focus on Primary Health Care (PHC).

Why does it exist?

Today more than ever before, the use of local, reginal and global experiences and evidences is an invaluable instrument in policy design. The African region faces two major challenges to effective use of local and global knowledge and experience in health systems development and implementation:

• Limited platforms – that are harmonized across national, regional, and global levels – to facilitate the effective and efficient translation and communication of existing regional and global knowledge into local contexts.

our  Vision is: Globally connected health systems research and policy communities contribute to the attainment of better health, equity and well-being.


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